Commit 48396618 authored by dj3c1t's avatar dj3c1t

update .htaccess files and add index.php in web/

parent 97da4b34
<IfDefine Free>
php56 1
Deny from all
\ No newline at end of file
# This file is a "template" of what your parameters.yml file should look like
# Set parameters here that may be different on each deployment target of the app, e.g. development, staging, production.
database_port: ~
database_name: symfony
database_user: root
database_password: ~
# You should uncomment this if you want use pdo_sqlite
# database_path: "%kernel.root_dir%/data.db3"
database_host: null
database_port: null
database_name: null
database_user: null
database_password: null
mailer_transport: smtp
mailer_user: ~
mailer_password: ~
# A secret key that's used to generate certain security-related tokens
mailer_user: null
mailer_password: null
secret: ThisTokenIsNotSoSecretChangeIt
default_route: ~
route: author_index
web_dir: web
$baseUri = dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']);
$baseUri .= substr($baseUri, -1) == "/" ? "" : "/";
header("Location: ".$baseUri."web/app.php");
# Rename this file to .htaccess to enable URLs without "app.php" prefix
# Use the front controller as index file. It serves as a fallback solution when
# every other rewrite/redirect fails (e.g. in an aliased environment without
# mod_rewrite). Additionally, this reduces the matching process for the
$baseUri = dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']);
$baseUri .= substr($baseUri, -1) == "/" ? "" : "/";
header("Location: ".$baseUri."app.php");
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